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Unintelligible letters from public institutions, and constantly shifting legislation, cause refugees and refugee support networks in Denmark to spend enormous amounts of time dealing with paperwork. Time which could more fruitfully be spent learning the Danish language, culture and customs, and integrating into the Danish work force.

FAIR integration aims to lift this bureaucratic burden by providing a single source for cultural, legal, and practical knowledge, available at all hours and translated into the native languages of the biggest groups of refugees.







Rights are not worth much without the knowledge that those rights apply to you. The right to free psychological support is no use to people who don't know it exists, and that therefore don't apply for it. And the right to child support does not benefit the single parent who isn't aware that she is entitled to financial support from her ex-spouse, so she instead seeks out payday loans.

In a society ruled by law, like Denmark, knowledge is essential. Particularly in the case of refugees. Sadly there is no unified access point where refugees can learn about their rights, duties, or the cultural and societal norms and expectations of their new host country.

This all changes with FAIR integration. With the FAIR integration app, refugees have access to curated legal, cultural, and practical knowledge around the clock, plainly explained and translated into their native languages.



Contrary to most Danes, refugees receive disproportionate amounts of letters from public institutions. The reason is that refugees are subject to legislation pertaining to unemployment, as well as legislation specific to refugees.

Every letter is worded in hard-to-read legal Danish, and no exceptions are made even for refugees with only a few months' residence.

Without a high level of Danish language proficiency, telling a payout statement from a bill becomes incredibly hard. Since refugees are subjected to financial sanctions if they fail to act on a letter or deadline, they are forced to seek counseling for all the communication they receive from public institutions.

This puts enormous strain on refugees, refugee support networks, and employees of public institutions, and puts refugees into an even more precarious situation. Refugees will often hand over deeply personal information to complete strangers to avoid being sanctioned, which makes them vulnerable to exploitation.

FAIR integration aims to solve this problem. By leveraging natural language processing techniques, refugees are instantly connected with the knowledge they need to understand the letter's contents, as well as simplified descriptions of actions that need  to be taken.


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